Meet The Team

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TJ Bezuidenhout

Technical Lead

With 24 years experience in the fire protection industry and a vast project engineering portfolio. TJ has gained invaluable knowledge of fire control systems and the national building regulations compliance requirements. 

He oversee's our design and end product are delivered within and exceed the requirements of the standards and codes of practice that govern the fire protection industry.

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Aysha Isaacs

General Manager

Aysha has been assessing property, process and storage risks for 17 years, with extensive industry specific experience applying and implementing compliant fire protection solutions.

She is responsible for the companies operations and ensures our turn key client based solutions are completed to the highest quality.

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Patrick Mossop

Engineering Lead

With 8 years experience as a fire consulting engineer in the Building Engineering sector. Patrick’s main focus is the design, construction and project management of fire protection systems.


With the experience and knowledge Patrick has attained over the years as a consulting engineer, he ensures all our fire protection systems are installed to specification and delivers our clients managements needs and designs from inception through commissioning and handover.

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Donavan Gounder

Design Lead

Donavan has been designing fire protection system layouts for the past 15 years in both the contracting and consulting environments, with strong capabilities in 2D CAD and 3D Building Information Modelling.

His role as design lead in the drawing office guarantees we deliver modern solutions with attention to detail and that the best practicable equipment is selected. 

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Nico van der Berg

Marketing and Sales Consultant

With over 12 years of progressive experience with a background in fire protection advertising platforms and developing exceptional product solutions.


His responsibilities include managing multi-million-rand budgets, optimizing marketing programs, and developing various marketing campaigns. He has high specialized technical abilities with a sound understanding of construction and engineering best practices related to fire protection. He possesses strong analytical skills and has extensive knowledge of fire safety standards for building construction.

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