What We Do


Our design team is experienced and equipped to complete designs in 2D CAD and 3D BIM modelling using the latest software for passive and fixed fire protection installations including

Design, Hydraulic Calculations, Preparation and Co-ordination of Shop Drawings for:

Automatic Sprinkler Installations

Deluge Spray Systems

Fire Water Supply Pumps and Storage Tanks

Hydrant and Fire Hose Reel Reticulation

Fire Extinguishers

Foam Suppression Installations

Statutory Signage Installations

Fire and Smoke Detection Installations

Emergency Evacuation Systems

All our fire protection installations are designed in accordance with recognised local and international industry standards such as the ASIB, NFPA, FM and approvals of the recognised local authority in accordance with the SANS National Building Regulations.

Installations & Maintenance

We provide procurement, fabrication, installation and maintenance of fixed and passive protection installations to new and existing sites and developments such as:

Residential and Commercial Buildings

Storage Risks and Industrial Warehousing

Health Care Facilities

Recreation and Event Arenas

Sports Stadiums

Hotel and Student Residencies

Retail Shopping Centres

Industrial Production Facilities

Process and Manufacturing Factories

Automotive Production Plants

Our components and specialised equipment are sourced from industry approved suppliers and manufacturers and are certified by internationally recognised testing laboratories. Our installation teams are proficient in carrying out regulatory scheduled maintenance and are equipped to respond 24/7 to emergencies.

Project Management

We provide project management to clients through each phase of the construction programme including:

Risk and Compliance Analysis

Costing and Estimating

Complete Design

Hydraulic Calculation

Local Authority Approvals

Services Coordination

Procurement and Fabrication

Onsite Installation

Quality Reviews

Testing and Commissioning 

Requesting recognised authority inspections.​

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